Shopinn Brugnato 5 Terre

Al Bacio Shopinn Brugnato 5 Terre

Restaurant at the Shopinn Brugnato 5Terre with Italian, Vegan and Vegetarian cuisine.

Looking for a traditional but innovative restaurant in Liguria? Al Bacio is the new model of healthy and tasty catering: bookings are made via WhatsApp message, you can order with a tablet in a design environment with a menu suitable for every need: traditional, vegetarian, sports and vegan.

Where we are: 

Shopinn Brugnato 5Terre – Via Nuova Antica Romana, 19020 Brugnato SP.

wsapp Reservations via WhatsApp at +39 348 1381041 or clicking below
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Open daily from 10am to 8pm

Al Bacio


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