The Italian idea of “osteria” is a cozy place where you can meet people, eat well and pay fairly!

We took the inspiration from this atmosphere to create a beautiful, innovative and friendly place enables to embody the essence of “Italianity” for us.

At AL BACIO you will find the community table, our innovative App, a real Innkeeper and our unique food.

Here you will “taste” a totally different social experience as well! Trough our SociAL-Bacio section, which has been developed in order to create and promote real relationships, you will be able to communicate with other tables, send messages and offer drinks!

We say “AL BACIO” when something is really well done, and this is what we want to do every day here!


We are Healthy:

As authentic Italians “Made in Italy” we chose to use only the best raw materials, mostly organic, not refined, not even processed. Only selected ingredients, prepared by taking advantage of an innovative technology: the result are tasty and balanced dishes with a lower calories intake.

We are Tasty:

The cooking methods we use aim to preserve intact all the properties and the flavors of the raw materials, reducing waste and avoiding the use of artificial ingredients, so common in restaurant kitchens, but that are not really our style!

We are Italian:

it goes without saying that (pride or truth) be fiercely Italian is the essence of AL BACIO. Our strength is being passionate about traditional recipes, for this the mediterranean tradition and the smell of our land are the inspiration for every dish we prepare.

We are AL BACIO:

Our sustainable model is careful to reduce the negative environmental impact through the use of biodegradable products, eco-design of packaging, micro-filtered local water, not bottled. This is the model of sustainability that we chose to follow!

We consider water as a primary good of all, therefore you will never have to pay for it, the jug and refill will always be free. Only one rule: don’t waste it, this means drinking responsibly too 😉