Gimme some details!

Ok ok Here are the 3 simple rules:

1) The drawing must be made by hand and subsequently vectorized (if you can’t vectorize only the digital drawing is fine)

2) The project must be sent to federica@al-bacio.it with the subject “al bacio wall of art contest”. The deadline is 08/31/2019

3) The wall is 442×320 cm so build your design on these proportions😉

Gimme a theme!

Creativity without limits! Get inspired by our restaurant philosophy. Here are some keywords that can help your brainstorming with your inner creative spirit:

Casual Gourmet | Italianity 4.0 | Plastic Free | Healthy is sexy | Tech Friendly | Digital animals | Tradition VS Innovation | Green Power | Being to the kiss | Milan

Our flagship colors?

Rosso Chianti – sage green-white rice … shortly we always think about food! : D


Are you a young artist, writer, graphic designer or do you simply love drawing or painting as a hobby?

Do you think you are the new Banksy or the misunderstood heir of Keith Haring?

Very good: We have a whole wall waiting for YOUR creativity!

Take the Contest “AL BACIO the wall of art”, send us your creative idea of ​​Murales: The design that will strike us the most will be realized on the main wall of our new restaurant in the heart of the Milan Navigli district and will be the protagonist of a very Special Night dedicated to Street Art & Food!


Maximum two designs per participant.

It is not necessary to have previous experience, nor to have attended specific schools.

The contest is open to everyone without age limits or region of residence!

Ready- Set- GO!